10 Success Quotes to become really a Champion Today, Must Read.

The result is a by-product of the process, the outcome depends on our performance

In the world of competition , we have started giving so much importance to the result that we have forgotten the importance of the journey of getting the result . Remember , karma is always paramount and the result is synonymous with karma . If you do good work then you will get good results .

Learning is more an art rather than a science

We should always keep learning in life . Acquiring any knowledge is a kind of art . If you are proficient in any one art , then you can repeat in many ways . That is why learning is called art and science is only a part of this art .

Work by brain think by heart

Many times in your life it has happened that while taking a decision , you may not have been able to practice both heart and mind , and today you will be regretting that decision . While taking any decision , the mind and heart should remain equal .

How you plant will give what you harvest

We get results just as we do . If we do good then God will do well with us . We have to pay compensation for every wrong act . If you want happiness and peace in life then never do anything bad as it has been said that you will reap what you sow .

If you want more luck, take more chances. Simple Probability

Luck only supports those who do the work , without doing the work , you cannot call yourself lucky . If the depth of the water has to be measured and is not lean , then you have to go into the water for that . If you want to be more fortunate then you have to do more and more karma .

Overthinking is like overcooking, it always exploits your dish

Do we think while doing something ? The answer is yes , we think , but it is equally true that you should not think more than one extent or else it ruins your work . It is good to think , but thinking too much is a bad habit , you will leave the habit as soon as possible , so soon you will go on the path of success .

There is one thing we learn from the clock, keep going and keep going every day

We should keep moving in life whether it may be slow . We may walk at least one step but we should walk daily . To understand , we can take the example of the clock that keeps on running 24 hours every second and never gets tired .

When things are not in your favor, it’s better to take a few steps back because God is always with you

We all have a bad time in our lives at least once in life , it is time to show understanding , not to panic . If we leave our tenacity for once and take a few steps backward , then there is no harm in it because you have to come back to take a long jump . If you support your karma , then God will also support you .

Heart, mind, and soul must be colinear to grab the success

The mantra for success is that your heart , mind , and soul should all think the same way and their karma should be the same . When you think in this way , then the chance of your success is very bright . If you are following the words of your inner soul , then you are worshiping the god .

A champion can never give up, let us begin again

A winner is always a winner , he never gives up . He falls but gets up every time . The faster the circumstances continue to bring him down , the sooner he gets confronts them and conquers those troubles . Winners never get tired and never stop; they always keep walking on the path of success .

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