11 Positive Quotes and Thought for November, Best Inspiration Quotes for your day.

If you have the power to smile on your worst day then no one can break you in this world.

A smile can change your whole day. When you see you smiling kid in the morning, or when you see people just outside your window walking on the street and smiling with the loved ones. you smile and watch them. that means you like smiles.


Don’t cry, Learn from the past, Implement in the future.

The past is a place for your memory. Your memories are a box that holds all about the past. then use that box to learn from mistakes and change the future.


Who trust on their feet, will only climb the mountains

I know the challenge is very difficult, I know I am not going to make it. If you have thoughts like that then don’t worry 90% of people have this thought before any big event. But, they trust the gut and throw themself in the challenge, now the challenge will give you the power to win it. You just have to trust your guts if you don’t trust your guts then just let it be don’t think, just be part of the challenge.


To get great success, start with small steps

Remember, when you were a kid and your father trained you How to walk. You have learned walking on the ground in 1-2 years, and you failed many times but you never thought that time and you never regretted your failures. they why today? because now you are older. When you learn more you are more afraid, because your Conscious mind is active now. You have voluntary control over your body and mind. That is holding your back.


Never be cruel to the people who are just living at the mercy of God.

If you see the poor on the road, if they are hungry, give them food to try to help them because they are already living at the mercy of God. So they have nothing, at least you can give them something, and if you can’t give them anything at least talk nicely to them so that you are giving some respect and love. it will not cost you a penny.


Try try try, so that you win without knowing that you won.



Confidence and Trust can change the world from ground zero.



Sometimes it’s better to be in secret because there are more people who may not be happy about your success.



There is no place where you can’t reach, so don’t worry just walk.



Don’t worry about losing people, if they like you they will come back, if they do not come, means, they never liked you.



Success also likes to come to the people who believe in hard work.



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